The following software list is provided for the convenience of our staff and customers.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in this list does not imply a recommendation for use. Always check that the URL is correct and that the software is appropriate for your operating system and needs. Always virus check software before installing. These links will take you to third party websites and you are responsible for checking their integrity before clicking on the links below.

  • Adobe Reader (free PDF file reader)
  • Audacity (free open source sound file editor)
  • Chrome (free web browser)
  • Dropbox Free (free large file sharing space)
  • Dropbox Pro (paid professional version of above)
  • Firefox (free web browser)
  • GIMP (free open source image manipulation program)
  • LibreOffice (free open source word processor/spreadsheet/drawing/database/presentation software)
  • MultiPlay (free open source theatre cuing program for Windows – no longer supported, but still works as at 2018!)
  • Thunderbird (free open source email application)
  • Lightning (free open source add-on calendar for Thunderbird)
  • Skype (free open source audio/video conferencing software)
  • Norton’s Antivirus (paid professional antivirus/security software)