Websites that work on mobile devices

More and more people are using their mobile phones or tablet devices to access the Internet.
But what does this mean for your existing website?

File:Mobile v s desktop Internet.xlsx.jpg

If your website was built a few years back, chances are it may not look much good any more to someone viewing it on a mobile device.  Screen technology has undergone some big changes, and sites that looked great on a desktop or laptop may simple frustrate mobile users. For example, website content that use “flash” technology does not display at all on mobile Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

  • A good website is responsive – meaning it automatically resizes the content – including images, text and videos, to suit the screen size of the device.
    The menu is readily available to select other pages.  You can navigate easily by scrolling up and down but you shouldn’t need to scroll right to read every line of text or see every image.
  • On older, non-responsive  sites you may not be able to see some or all images, videos may not play properly, it may be difficult to move to other pages and you spend the whole time scrolling left and right to read the content.

After you click here to see what your website looks like to someone using a mobile phone or tablet, you can contact us to discuss your requirements and get an obligation-free quote to make your site responsive.