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Did you know we also do website 'makeovers' to give your existing website a new look and ensure it will be more Google- and mobile-friendly?
Here's a fresh new site one we did recently for the fabulous Eden-Smokehouse - lots of new smoked seafood and meat products, a store locator and a Facebook feed.
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4 weeks ago

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Windows 10 is coming, and Microsoft REALLY wants you to upgrade.

We've had a lot of calls about it this week, especially from customers using Windows 7 or 8 who were upgraded unexpectedly.

You may eventually have to upgrade to Windows 10, but it is important that you be prepared for it. Call us on 02 6495 7435 if you want to upgrade - we can advise you on precautions to take.

If you have specialist software for your business for example, it is important to check that all components will run properly under Windows 10 before upgrading.

The Windows 10 upgrade is free until 29 July 2016. After that, the upgrade will cost money.

If you DO NOT want to upgrade to Windows 10, make sure that you look for the option to say NO whenever you are prompted. Just closing the window does not help!

We have some software that will remove the prompts and protect you against an accidental upgrade - contact us if you would like this installed.

If you discover your computer is upgrading and you don't want it to, DO NOT INTERRUPT IT.
Just wait for it to finish, DECLINE the licence agreement ("EULA") when prompted, and the upgrade will be reverted.

If you have accidentally upgraded to Windows 10 and would like to go back to what you had, contact us now for advice. You have 30 days from the date of upgrade before the change becomes permanent.
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2 months ago