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Free public Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, airport, or hotels can be great. But having your ID stolen isn't.

Just because a Wi-Fi network has a password, doesn't mean it's safe.

Help protect yourself online with these tips. Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

* Be selective about which sites you visit—avoid those with a login. Check your accounts, online email, and social sites later.
* Avoid making purchases while on public Wi-Fi.
* Be aware that antivirus protection can't protect you from public Wi-Fi threats.
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6 days ago

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We wish all of our clients a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Our office will be closed from 23 Dec to 1 January inclusive, however if you have an emergency during that time you can contact us by phone or email via our website:
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4 weeks ago

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